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Glue Rampage

Post  DreamTeen on Wed Dec 05, 2007 3:29 am

Once I was writting a letter... and you know... it was kind of special letter. I'm not going to tell you the topic and reason for that letter, but I'm going to tell you, what did I do with it.

It was about two years ago. I bought special paper (not too cheap, but it looked marvelous), I prepared ink and so on... and I started writing the letter.
I put a newspaper under the paper so it wouldn't become dirty, I really tried my best. It took me three evenings (I have to admit, a bit more, but I worked mostly during those three evenings) to finish.
It was nearly ready... I only had to stick a beautiful picture i prepared earlier.
So I used some glue, but it didn't really work... The picture got separated from the letter with just a little move...
So I used more glue. I glued quite a part of the letter, it got almost wet of glue, but it worked!

But it <censored> worked on both sides! My letter got glued to the newspaper, which was under it.... It was completely destroyed Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad Crying or Very sad

I was so sad.... My stupidity (or at least a lack of thinking) wasted my whole effort I'd put to prepare that letter... special letter...
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Somehow I can just imagine that

Post  (H)Eureka on Wed Dec 05, 2007 11:19 am

That was stupidity, i assure you. It could have been nothing else. Unless you a luck believer. Bad luck, that is.

Besides it took you how long? Are you somehow impaired? Tell us, and we will make allowances.

That is, not to say I didn't have a similar situation. In my case I was trying to cut a roll of, let's say "special" paper. For wrapping presents. But I cut too wide and had to make it smaller. Then it became all mangled so I had to cut sides. Then it became too small....

In the end I just put it in a paper bag.

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